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'Objective Perspective'
from Sat 3rd September 2022 

We are delighted to soon be opening  ‘Objective Perspective’ a solo exhibition of over 30 new paintings by Gordon Wilson.


Those who have had the pleasure of seeing Gordon’s work before will be familiar with his often quirky and humorous style, often interwoven into deeper themes of isolation, endurance and prevailing over adversity.  

His emotive landscapes, seascapes and figurative paintings each tell their own stories with Gordon creating and using a number of motifs to create amusing narratives throughout his work. 


In the upcoming exhibition, his 'biddies,' 'belties,' 'boats,' 'bees' (and 'Bea'!) all make an appearance creating colourful, vibrant and thought-provoking work.  But all making you smile...

"For me, ‘Art’ be it sketching or painting has always been therapeutic.  I’ve realised that painting offers me a gateway to a more peaceful and happy place.  There is also an undeniably humorous aspect to the paintings - after all, they are an extension and expression of my personality.  I find that jocular invention helps me through difficult times and hopefully raises a smile with the viewer.”   Gordon Wilson

‘Objective Perspective’ provides an insight into Gordon’s distinctive and unique world.   Giving viewers the opportunity to understand Gordon's own personal perspective, we invite you the viewer to come along and immerse yourself in a gallery full of paintings, enjoy and find your own meaning.  

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery.

The Annan Gallery Team


The Exhibition is now up and running and opened to great success so to view the paintings, please click the link here:  
View Exhibition

If you're a fan of Gordon's work and would be keen to hear about future exhibitions we have with Gordon or new paintings in the gallery, please register interest if you would like to be kept updated when new paintings become available.  

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